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Appraisal Services

Posted on June-30-16 8:00 AM

Ferguson Appraisals has been offering professional appraisal services for almost 40 years. Working with many legal firms all over Ontario, we provide written reports for Matrimonial Division as well as many other types of appraisals including antique, estate & probate, household, vehicles, recreational, farm, heavy equipment, insurance, operating loans, real estate and more. Always market conscious ensures that the appraisal we provide will be a fair evaluation. As our population ages the emphasis on fair division of estate items is on many of our seniors minds. An evaluation and inventory list pre estate will benefit family members, trustees, executors/executrix's when it comes time for the division of assets. Ferguson Appraisals is proud to be associated with many charities and provides expert evaluations for donated and other items associated with charity organizations. With downsizing in high gear while people are moving to smaller homes and retiring early, a move may be in the works. Even at their best, moving companies even though insured cannot replace priceless family heirlooms and neither can we, however a pre move appraisal and documentation of priceless artwork, antiques, glass and china may benefit if a loss occurs. It's hard to appraise items that are lost or damaged after it happens. Contact us today to see how our services may benefit your special situation. We at Ferguson Appraisals look forward to working with you to help in whatever your needs are.

Lorne D Ferguson